Nike Saucony Originals Reissues The ProGrid Triumph 4 From 2007

Saucony Originals Reissues The ProGrid Triumph 4 From 2007

The Nike Air Kukini and the New Balance 1906 are just two of the numerous forgotten classics. Moreover, they are coming back in 2022. Even Saucony is now bringing back the ProGrid Triumph 4, a design from the late 2000s.

The Saucony ProGrid Triumph 4 was first introduced in 2007. Moreover, it sells as a high-mileage trainer to go with more efficient runners’ running techniques. Its midfoot and outsole molds for improved flex and less weight. Moreover, its heel and forefoot each had five and four separate layers of foam. For the model’s re-release, this lone component is back together with an identically faithful upper design. The reissue is an almost exact duplicate of the original, down to the glossy, vivid color overlays and mesh underlay. Moreover, It even uses many of the same hues.

See the image below for a deeper look at the Saucony ProGrid Triumph 4 in modern times. For $150, Saucony is currently selling the original colorway—yellow, black, and silver—along with two OG colorways. Several additional variations will be available throughout the course of the rest of 2022/2023.