Uncategorized Pyer Moss Readies Up Their Last Collaborative Collection With Reebok

Pyer Moss Readies Up Their Last Collaborative Collection With Reebok

One of the nicest things that could have ever happened to Reebok is Pyer Moss. But just like everything good, this too must come to an end. Moreover, The two will be wrapping up their cooperation with one more collection after five arduous but successful years.

The initial plan for Pyer Moss x Reebok, a two-shoe deal with an 18-month duration. But as founder and designer Kerby Jean-Raymond assumed the position of the company’s Global Creative Director. It quickly developed into something much bigger and more symbiotic. Also, Jean-Raymond is finally making his exit after innumerable releases, campaigns, and even a short film. Moreover, he is not leaving peacefully.

Collection 4.5, the final Pyer Moss x Reebok release, adds to the collection that was first unveiled in March. From enormous puffer jackets to traditional athletic basics, the label’s love of patterns, over-branding, and distinctive shapes can be seen in a variety of clothing types. Three additional hues of Experiment 4 have also been created by Pyer Moss, and their names—”GRASS IS GREENER,” “BRAND CODES,” and “INDEPENDENCE DAY”—seem to tell a tale of their own.

See below for a closer look at Pyer Moss’ most recent collection and the upcoming Experiment 4s. Moreover, On November 12th, the full collection will be available on PyerMoss.com.

Pyer Moss x Reebok
Release Date: November 12th, 2022

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