Adidas Nora Vasconcellos Breaks Barriers With Her First Signature adidas Skate Shoe

Nora Vasconcellos Breaks Barriers With Her First Signature adidas Skate Shoe

The goal for Nora Vasconcellos was to be a skater. Growing up in a rural Massachusetts town, she already knew it. But it took a leap of faith for her to realize her dream. She started a cross-country trek when she was 19 years old, taking little with her but her board and her resolve.

Vasconcellos (@noravexplora on Twitter and Instagram) is 29 years old and has made her mark in the skate community. In 2017, the same year she won the Vans Park Series World Championship, she went pro and signed with adidas. The Pembroke, Massachusetts, native was ranked No. 4 in Thrasher’s list of the Top 10 Women & Non-Binary Skaters of 2019. Vasconcellos, however, has also promoted mental well-being by openly discussing her own lifelong struggle with panic disorder.

We emailed Vasconcellos to ask her about her first collection with the Three Stripes, her road toward mental well-being, and her future aspirations in preparation for the release of her first signature shoe with adidas Skateboarding, the NORA. This conversation has been condensed and made more concise.

Vintage-inspired Available Now

Working hard adidas Skateboarding

Smiling Noraadidas Skateboarding

The first NORA footwear and clothing line leans toward simple, timeless aesthetics. Can we anticipate seeing some of your original illustrations in follow-up products?

Yes, I’m incredibly excited to include more artwork in future projects. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing and developing. Along with learning about sustainable materials, I’m extremely interested in painting and how different textures transfer to different goods.

Your lifetime struggle with panic disorder has been openly discussed. Why did you decide to share this area of your life with the public?

I believe that I wouldn’t have felt as alone and ashamed if I had known more people growing up who had experienced comparable difficulties. I believe that I could have overcome my concerns much sooner if I had been able to have faith in that ability. It’s comparable to giving a drowning person a life raft. Why wouldn’t you share your experience if you had the means to heal, did the effort, and were successful?

If Nora, aged 6, 13, and 21, came to you in a time of need, how would you comfort her?
I have kind and considerate thoughts, which sometimes only entail listening. She would hear how perfectly everything works out as well.

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NORA Track Top adidas Skateboarding

Gender Neutral adidas Skateboarding

Since you began skating, how has the skateboarding industry changed? How have you observed it to remain unchanged?

I’m talking about the enormous increase in female support and participation in and outside of the industry. It has, in my opinion, remained accessible, which is fantastic. Overall, there has been a lot more room for skaters of all different types and styles to develop their careers and support a living through skating.

What goals do you have for yourself by the time you have ridden for adidas for ten years?

I would really like to focus on developing some kind of giving-back initiative. Continue to travel and meet new people by using my skateboarding and art as a means of transportation.

You were previously cited as saying, “I was always going to be a skateboarder, I simply didn’t realize that anybody was going to care,” in Rolling Stone. What emotions come to mind as you recall the quote?
It still seems to fit how I’m feeling and thinking about having a pro shoe so well, in my opinion. I’m really happy and proud of myself. The life I get to enjoy on my skateboard is just the icing on the cake.

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Vasconcellos fractured her ankle while on the release tour for the adidas NORA skate shoe, which sidelined her for a spell. However, the 29-year-old skater and her Three Stripes family are still (kick) pushing forward with another colorway of their first joint sneaker despite the injuries.

The NORA skate shoe made its debut in three classic designs: “Core Black,” “Cloud White/Shadow Navy,” and “Cloud White/Green.” They were both inspired by adidas’ tennis classics as well as the clothes in her own mother’s closet from the 1990s. Also, The “Cloud White/Shadow Navy/Scarlet” color scheme used in the fourth version, which went on sale on November 1st, is evocative of a recent Gucci and adidas Gazelle collaboration.

In a press release for her first NORA collection, Vasconcellos states, “Having my own shoe was so beyond my wildest aspirations.”

From the ’70s adidas Skateboarding

Two-tone goodness adidas

Colorful trimming adidas Skateboarding

The newest member adidas Skateboarding

With a “extended toe cap with double-layer durability, delivering cupsole quality with a vulcanized look,” the Steffi Graf and Nastase-inspired design will enhance. The NORA skate shoe, which retails for $80 USD, will introduce along with the NORA Track Top, Track Slacks, and Polo. Moreover, All three items advance adidas’ efforts in sustainability because they make use of technical recycled polyester twill and UNITEFIT for universal sizing. All of Nora Vasconcellos’ items are currently available for purchase here.

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The post Nora Vasconcellos Breaks Barriers With Her First Signature adidas Skate Shoeappeared first on Sneaker News.

The post Nora Vasconcellos Breaks Barriers With Her First Signature adidas Skate Shoe appeared first on Sneaker News.