Air Jordan Nike Unveils The 18th Annual Doernbecher Freestyle Collection

Nike Unveils The 18th Annual Doernbecher Freestyle Collection

Nike’s fundraising event in association with the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital at Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU). Also, It has returned in person after going online for three years.

Since 2004, the Nike Doernbecher Freestyle program has helped the Pacific Northwestern Hospital generate close to $31 million. While also bringing some of the most innovative Air Jordan, Nike, and Converse items to market. Moreover, The collaboration between six OHSU patients and Nike Employee Design volunteers is more than a business arrangement. Finally, It advances the notion that athletics can bring about change and a better society. The seven-pair lineup reintroduces original narratives, rich details, and creative color palettes as the first collection prepared in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Early in 2023, the Nike Doernbecher XVIII Freestyle will go on sale at a few select retailers, Nike SNKRS, the Nike App, and Before that, though, the Swoosh will hold its cherished auction at the Portland Art Museum today at 7:30 p.m. EDT. Continue reading for a thorough look at each of the seven designs that are up for bids and the outstanding designers that created them.


Emerson Harrell

Emerson Harrell, 15, is a vivacious and humorous youngster who excels at dancing and mental math. Moreover, he now enjoys his very own Air Max 90 as part of his increasing collection of sneakers (ten pairs and counting!). The two are decorated with images of money, a hint to the Sherwood, Oregon native’s ambition to work as an investor. Finally, The Arizona Wildcats’ slogan “Bear Down,” which Harrell, 15, has adopted as a rallying call for all of life’s difficulties, is honored on the sneaker.

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a condition that causes the lining of the digestive tract to become inflamed, has been identified as Harrell’s condition.

Air Max 90 by Emerson Harrell

 Emerson Harrell’s Nike Air Max 90

Nike Air Max 90 by Emerson Harrell

Air Max 90 by Emerson Harrell


Jaren Heacock

Jaren Heacock, who is from Springfield, Oregon, has a promising future. Moreover, he is only ten years old and enjoys creating robots and learning how to code, two pursuits that go well with his vivacious personality. However, his Nike Zoom Vomero 5 design for the 18th Doernbecher Freestyle Collection draws inspiration from other sources. Like replaceable patches and dragon-like features celebrate his Chinese background. While the images of his brothers are permanently inscribed on the inside of each shoe.

Also, Heacock has a cleft palate, a congenital condition caused by the improper lip or mouth development that develops during pregnancy.

Zoom Vomero 5 by Jaren Heacock

Jaren Heacock Nike Zoom Vomero 5

 Vomero 5 by Nike Zoom

Vomero 5 by Jaren Heacock

Zoom Vomero 5 by Jaren Heacock


Coley Miller

Coley Miller enjoys stargazing, basketball, and outdoor activities with his family. The 11-year-old drew inspiration from her Klamath roots for her contribution to the most recent Nike Doernbecher Freestyle Collection, covering the famous Nike Air Foamposite One in elements like a basket weave, mountain, and quail feather images. Moreover, The classic “Just Do It” slogan from the Swoosh is written in Klamath on the outsole and reads “ho mas gi.”

Due to a kidney transplant, the prospective veterinarian has been a patient at OHSU. Miller’s mother gave her daughter a kidney.

Coley Miller Nike Air Foamposite One

 Air Foamposite One by Nike

 Foamposite One by Nike Air

Nike Air Foamposite One by Coley Miller


Dario Villaseñor Valdivia

She is 13 years old and has demonstrated a contagious passion for life. Dario, a Vancouver, Washington, native, enjoys doing stick animation for his YouTube channel, oranges, and his long-haired plush toy—all of which are references on his Nike Air Huarache.

Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML), a rare blood malignancy, is the diagnosis for the jokester. At the age of 6, Dario underwent a bone marrow transplant. However, his body fought the donated cells, gravely harming his lungs. But being surrounded by the people he adores, and by Chinese food, has aided him on his path.


 Nike Air Huarache

Nike Air Huarache

Huarache by Nike Air


Riddhi Mahajan

15 year old Portland, Oregon native Riddhi Mahajan admires Serena Williams. Mahajan, an aspirant doctor, has been praised for being intelligent and outspoken, which has aided in promoting her unwavering optimism. having given a vibrant Air Jordan 1 Low to Nike’s most recent charity collection. The pair features “Brand New Day” wording, and the ombré laces resemble the sunrise.

The Tae Kwon Do black belt holder has been a patient at OHSU due to cystic fibrosis, a condition that harms the lungs, digestive system, and other important organs.

AJ 1 Low by Riddhi Mahajan

Riddhi Mahajan Air Jordan 1 Low

Air Jordan 1 Low

Air Jordan 1 Low


Kylee Young

Kylee Young, often known as “Cookie,” exudes positivity at all times. Her Nike Air Presto for the most recent OHSU Doernbecher collection from Nike is vibrant. It has imagery of the 12 year-favorite old’s things, including springtime, flowers, and cookies.

The native of Ridgefield, Washington, was paralyzed and mute since childhood as a result of the hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). But she has survived.

Kylee Young Nike Air Presto

Air Presto by Kylee Young

 Air Presto by Nike

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The post Nike Unveils The 18th Annual Doernbecher Freestyle Collection appeared first on Sneaker News.

The post Nike Unveils The 18th Annual Doernbecher Freestyle Collection appeared first on Sneaker News.