Nike AVIA Looks To Recapture Late ’80s Basketball Nostalgia With 2023 Retro Releases

AVIA Looks To Recapture Late ’80s Basketball Nostalgia With 2023 Retro Releases

AVIA is back.

The North American sportswear firm, founded in Oregon in 1979 by Jerry Stubblefield, has been conspicuously absent from the popular sneaker zeitgeist for the better part of two decades, but its effect has been all-pervasive. The cantilever sole, a sort of “trampoline” design for which AVIA successfully sued Nike in 1991, was created by the father-and-son team that ran AVIA before Reebok acquired the company. But even though many shoe designs have imitated the concave sole design that was introduced 43 years ago, Virgil Abloh’s LV Trainer Sneaker Boot for Louis Vuitton is the most noteworthy example of how AVIA’s hard work has been appropriated.

The late Abloh makes a proposal while consumer demand shifts away from highly technical performance models. Mostly towards vintage basketball sneakers from the 1980s. Many companies revived their decades-old designs in both old and new iterations. Often AVIA’s tale mostly includes in the mix thanks to knowledgeable collectors and retro-shoe lovers. But over the coming few months, the company will re-enter the shoe market with its venerable 880 and 830 models.


The 880, which will assist curate AVIA’s return, teased by Instagram user @velourlab. Moreover, everyone is hopeful for it to re-release in January 2023. AVIA’s reissue of the shoe previously worn by both Scottie Pippen and Clyde Drexler kept every detail authentic to the original, down to the last stitch. Also it is in contrast to the retros to which the sneaker community has grown accustomed. The shoe’s design and construction, along with that of its AVIA 830 counterpart, will provide both longtime and new lovers of sneakers a true taste of the late 1980s. Moreover, it will give rise to many of the styles that are currently popular. The brand has not released any manufacturing figures for the retros. However, AVIA’s millimetric attention to detail shows the brand prioritizes quality above quantity. (How delightful!)


For any and all updates, keep an eye on the website and the @aviaisback Instagram account.