Adidas adidas Leans Further Into Comfort With The Climaclog

adidas Leans Further Into Comfort With The Climaclog

It’s not unreasonable to claim that Kanye West played a role in popularizing the Three Stripes, if we can for a second separate the artist from the work. Also, it Follows the success of the Foam Runner, numerous brands have started making their own clogs. Moreover, Yeezy styles like the 350v2 and the 700 have helped define what sneaker culture is today. Adidas is following suit, and it’s probable that disclosed Climaclog would not exist if Ye’s influence had not been present.

adidas used recognizable components from previous Climacool models to create the Climaclog. For instance, the sole is comparable to the soles of the Climacool Vento and Climacool BOOST. It both have a blocky, ridged bottom. The design above, in contrast, has a foam-based outer shell that is vented along the profile and toe, making it considerably more distinctive. Furthermore, despite covering a large portion of the forefoot with this material, the neoprene along the tongue and heel should make it simple to put on the shoe.

Check out the preliminary images of the new adidas Climaclog below for a deeper look. Within the next few months, further details regarding the fashion should become available.

Moreover, the One Piece Vans collection is available now.

Photos: @kicksdong